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Department of Yoga

To learn, you must have the tools to teach. To teach, you must know which tools to use. At Annamalai Canada, our faculty is comprised of world class professors and lecturers from around the world with program knowledge that will give you the edge in learning.

Our Faculty

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Mr. Mayavan Ananthanadarajah

Mr. Mayavan Ananthanadarajah is a yoga teacher who has devoted his life in learning and teaching the art and the science behind yogic practices for the past 20 years. He has earned the prestigious Yoga Siromani, Yoga Acharya and Yoga Baskara designations from the International Sivananda yoga and Vedanta centers under both Gurukula system and academically trained in conventional system. He is the founder of Yogasalai. He is a renowned teacher with international centers such as Toronto, Montreal, Val Morin and New York. Mr. Ananthanadarajah specializes on Prana and Ayurveda aspect of teaching yoga. He has experience teaching specialized classes for strengthening with yoga, asana variations, yoga for vulnerable sectors such as anger management kids with TDSB, Senior Centers, Children with Special needs, Juveniles Correctional Centers, Chair Yoga, Counseling and Guided Meditations and Corporate Yoga Classes. His passion is to share it with the community, to help others to benefit from the peace and joy of authentic, traditional yoga. 


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