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Grade Level Examinations

The best motivation for a young talent is the recognition of their skills. Grade Level Examinations have been around for many years. But to have a certification from Annamalai University India is a prestigious honour and a great achievement for students. Through our Grade Level Examinations are conducted by Annamalai University Professors from India annually. Disciplines include Dance, Music and for the first time in the world, Yoga Grade Level Examinations. Follow stringent syllabus curated by Annamalai University professors Department of Music and Yoga.

Disciplines offered Grades 1 - 7:

  • Bharathanatyam

  • Vocal

  • Violin

  • Veena

  • Flute

  • Mirdangam

  • Yoga

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Image by Dorothee Kraemer


To motivate and encourage Candidates to pursue their passion through systematic and stratified examinations conducted in a University format.


To appear in the Annamalai Canada Campus Grade Level Exams, Applicants have to satisfy the following requirements:

  • For Level 1, minimum age: 7 years (completed age 6)

  • For other Levels: Completion of the previous level is required. Credit may be given to levels completed at other recognized Institutions. (ACC recognizes most of the reputed Educational Institutions offering Grade Exams); if a student wishes to continue from where they left off from another Institution, a copy of the Testimonial with regard to grade completed would be deemed sufficient.)

  • For a student to appear at Level 7, a minimum age requirement of 16 and the completion of Level 6 are prerequisites.



Tamil or English


​Please contact our Administration Office for fee schedule.


The Annual Grade Level Examination dates will be announced by the office of the Annamalai Canada Campus in due time. Exam venue, date and time will be notified to the students well ahead of time.


  • Grade 1 - Practical only

  • Grade 2 - Practical only

  • Grade 3 - Practical & Theory

  • Grade 4 - Practical & Theory

  • Grade 5 - Practical & Theory

  • Grade 6 - Practical & Theory

  • Grade 7 - Practical & Theory



  • Candidates for the Grade Level Examinations will be deemed to have passed in a subject if they secure a minimum of 40% marks in each of the written / practical examination.

  • Candidate who pass obtaining an aggregate of 40% or above but below 50% shall be deemed as passed in Third Class.

  • Candidates who pass obtaining an aggregate of 50% or above but below 60% shall be deemed to have secured a Second Class pass.

  • Candidates who pass obtaining an aggregate of 60% or above but below 75% shall be deemed tohave secured First Class

  • Candidate who pass obtaining an aggregate of 75% and above shall be deemed to have passed securing First Class with Distinction.


  • Annamalai Canada Campus will provide only the Syllabus to the Applicants, the onus is on the Applicant and/or the Teacher to obtain the Study Materials required for the course.

  • Annamalai Canada Campus will also make available Theory books as needed. These books may be purchased at the Annamalai Canada Campus.


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